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State Advocacy

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What we have accomplished:

  • Lobbied Sen. Jerry Hill’s office for sustainable healthcare legislation

  • With pandemic, we have shifted attention to reusable PPE policy

  • Safety, cost-savings, sustainability are our main priorities. We want to advocate for reusable isolation gowns as safe for healthcare workers, inexpensive, and more sustainable compared to the disposable gowns we currently use at SHC

  • Submitted Frontiers in Public Health mini-review

  • Interviewed experts at UCLA, UCSF, Carilion Clinic and Stanford supply chain stakeholders

    • To understand what PPE and sustainable practices our health care system at Stanford is upholding, and to communicate with prominent hospitals nationwide who have already successfully transitioned to reusable PPE

Goals for 2020-2021:

  • Integrate efforts into larger state-policy ecosystem

  • Work with local community hospitals to understand needs, deploy reusable PPE if helpful

  • Support state-policy change: Policy Lab/Stanford Healthcare Consulting Group

    • Design sustainable PPE and medical questions to inspire students across all disciplines to create solutions addressing sustainable yet cost-effective and safe hospital equipment