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What we have accomplished:

  • Support and buy-in from faculty leads to integrate climate & health into Q3 SOM  / POM cardiology  and pulmonology  blocks

  • Compiled document of all places to integrate climate & health into Q1 -Q3 courses.

  • Hiring of research associate to develop pre-clinical  resources in more detail, as well as start strategizing clerkship integration.

Goals for 2020-2021:

  • Integrate climate and health into the 2021 Q3 SOM / POM cardiology and pulmonology block

  • Compile materials for pre-clinical, clinical and residency climate health integration to be initiated in 2021-2022 academic year  

  • Advocate for climate and health to be included in the CCAP Health Equity and Social Justice sub-committee  discussions.

  • Successful implementation of “Climate Change, Health, and Equity” elective course in Winter, 2021 for PA, MD, Graduate, and Undergraduate students

  • Completion of the Planetary Health Report Card